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Fall 2008 Harness Racing Meet - Cal Expo
Thursday, September 4th, 2008 - David Elliott

Dear Harness Horse Racing Participants,
It is with cautious regret that we must notify all that we are pushing back the start of the Fall/Winter Harness racing meet at Cal Expo to Thursday, September 18, 2008 pending approval from the Executive Director of the California Horse Racing Board, Mr. Kirk Breed.
I believe we were optimistic in scheduling the start date so soon after the State Fair meet.  The racetrack underwent a major transition and it is going to take a major transition to bring it back TO ABSOLUTE SAFE STANDARDS for the harness horses. We are erring on the side of safety for the horses and all participants.  The following schedule is provided.
Friday, September 5- Horses can begin moving in through Gate 10 Stable Gate, backtrack open
Saturday- September 6- Backtrack open
Sunday- September 7- Backtrack open
Monday-September 8 Backtrack open
Tuesday- September 9- MAIN TRACK OPEN and backtrack open
Wednesday- September 10- Both tracks open
Thursday- September 11 Both tracks open
Friday- September 12  Both tracks open- Qualifiers
Saturday- September 13 Both tracks open- Qualifiers
Sunday- September 14  Both tracks open-
Monday- September 15 Both tracks open DRAW DAY FOR SEPTEMBER 18
Tuesday- September 16 Both Tracks open DRAW DAY FOR SEPTEMBER 19
Wednesday- September 17 Both Tracks open DRAW DAY FOR SEPTEMBER 20
Please help us notify those that do not have email.  We will have this notice posted at Vallejo and Cal Expo.
Thank You,
David Elliott
Thursday- September 18 Both Tracks open OPENING NIGHT