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Western Fairs Racing Circuit 1932
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The three California race meetings, comprising the Western Fairs Racing Circuit of 1932, brought to the racing fans of the Pacific Coast some outstand­ing performances and distributed a total of $80,814.25 in purses among the horse­men whose entries participated.

In comparison with the initial circuit meeting in 1923 with its purses amounting to $35,000, the 1932 season shows a decided difference, but does not measure up to the banner year of the circuit when the purses were upwards of $125,000, in 1930.

The California State Fair purses for this season were $32,385; the Los Angeles County Fair paid out a total of $30,240.05, and the San Joaquin County Fair distributed $18,189.20. These amounts were well apportioned among the various stables represented on the circuit, with the stable of 1. L. Borden receiving the greatest share, $14,734.90. The Borden stable includes a dozen horses and colts, all bred by Owner Borden and all sired by his stallion, Pegasus B., whose get hold many stable records.

The W. O. Reynolds stable of Denver, Colo., was second on the money‑winning list with $5,860.97; Dennis Carr's stable from Chanute, Kan., was the next in line, having won $5,287.46, and the S. H. Cowell stable from Sacramento accounted for $4,767.60.

The five leading money‑winning trotters were: Dotty, $3,461.30; Blossom Pegasus, $1,908.35; Peter Patch, $1,734.40; Hollyrood Blizzard, $1,346, and Buena Vista, $1,238.55.

Pegasus Pointer leads the pacers with winnings totaling $3,371.89; Miss Pointer Pegasus, second, with $3,309.65; Tolley Napoleon, $2,341.10; Raymond K. Dillon, $2,210.25, and Star Etawah, $1,629.65.

The racing was decidedly of the best type ever witnessed in the west, as is attested by the splendid fields, skillful drivers and the establishment of two world's records, as well as several state records. On the Los Angeles County Fair track at Pomona, Dotty gained a world's record for the fastest three‑heat race on a halfmile track, 2.051/4, 2.051/4 and 2.05. She is owned by W. O. Reynolds of Denver and was driven throughout her successful season by Ernest Pevler.

The San Joaquin County Fair track at Stockton was also the scene of a recordbreaking performance when S. H. Cowell's Peter Patch negotiated the mile oval in 2.01 driven by Walter Tryon. This was the fastest mile of the year by a trotting stallion, also reduced the state trotting record of his stablemate, Crawford 2.021/4, as well as setting a new three‑heat trotting race record for California, the time being 2.041/4, 2.01, 2.041/4. His mile in 2.01 also ranks as the fastest mile in the state of California at either gait.

Dotty was the outstanding trotter of the circuit, leading all light harness horses in the money‑winning column, although closely pressed by two pacers, brother and sister, Pegasus Pointer and Miss Pointer Pegasus. Pegasus Pointer started in six races, winning five and placing second in the other start. Miss Pointer Pegasus won all of the three‑year‑old stakes. Records for the circuit follow:


Fastest stallion—Peter Patch (Tryon) 2.01—Stockton.
Fastest gelding—Star Bright (Beezley) 2.03—Stockton.
Fastest mare—Dotty (Pevler) 2.04—Sacramento.
Fastest four‑year‑old—Black Pegasus (Thomas) 2.041/2—Stockton and Sacramento.
Fastest three‑year‑old—Senator Douglas (Tryon) 2.081/2—Stockton.
Fastest two‑year‑old—La. Mira (Rutherford) 2.12—Stockton.


Fastest stallion—Star Etawah (Tryon) 2.02—Stockton.
Fastest gelding—Logan McKinney (Schwartz) 2.033/4—Stockton.
Fastest mare—Miss Pointer Pegasus (Dolan) 2.051/4—Sacramento.
Fastest four‑year‑old—Pegasus Pointer (Thomas) 2.021/2—Stockton and Sacramento.
Fastest three‑year‑old—Miss Pointer Pegasus (Dolan) 2.051/4—Sacramento.
Fastest two‑year‑old—C. A. Harrison (Argo) 2.081/2—Sacramento.

The San Joaquin County Fair at Stockton opened the racing circuit as usual and its 1932 race program was the best ever staged over their well‑known track. As outlined in the records given, Peter Patch trotted the fastest mile of the year to win the free‑for‑all trot and broke several, records, including a world's record for the season, the track and the state records , also the three‑heat record for trotters in California. S. H. Cowell's Star Etawah, driven by W. H. Tryon, broke the track record of Reinetta Logan 2.03 with a new mark of 2.02 and established a new record for the three fastest heats in the state.

The track's three‑heat pacing record was lowered three times during the course of the meeting. T. D. Sexton's Logan McKinney paced three heats the first day in 2.033/4, 2.04, 2.033/4, this lowered to 2.021/2, 2.041/4 and 2.04 by Pegasus Pointer when he won the 2.10 pace three days later, and on the last day of the meeting Star Etawah won the second and third heats of the free‑for‑all pace in 2.02 and 2.021/4, the first heat going to Bert Abbe in 2.031/2.

Star Bright trotted in 2.03 to break the track record of Harry I. 2.031/2, later lowered by Peter Patch.

La Mira was the winner of the twoyear‑old trot, equaling the track record of Black Pegasus in taking this event.

The 2.10 trot was won by Miss Guy after San Joaquin won the first heat in 2.04; Hollyrood Blizzard won the 2.20 trot with two heats in 2.07; Raymond K. Dillon won the 2.20 pace, timed in 2.051/4 and 2.043/4; Maxey McKinney paced in 2.041/2 and Tolley Napoleon in 2.043/4, thereby entering the 2.05 list, while several horses bettered their former records. Miss Pegasus Pointer won the three‑year‑old pace and Senator Douglas won the three‑year‑old trot.
. . . .
The California State Fair at Sacramento had its banner race meeting in 1932, the large purses bringing out some great racing that broke their track records as well as state records on several occasions. All harness events were keenly contested in good time with but few races going to three heat winners.

The $2,000 2.20 pace had ten starters and three different heat winners. Cru­sader took the first heat in 2.061/4, Tolley Napoleon won the second heat in 2.071/2 and Maxey McKinney won the third heat in 2.08. Standing best in the summary, Tolley Napoleon was awarded the race.
M. C. Delano's Mirage, locally owned and driven, won the $2,000 2.20 trot, the first heat going to Hollyrood Blizzard.

The state three‑year‑old record was broken by Miss Pointer Pegasus 2.051/4, lowering Jim Logan's world's record made in 1909. This filly won the Occident Stake and the pacing division of the State Fair Futurity.

The Occident Stake and the State Fair Futurity were both won by Red Pegasus, trotter, in straight heats, taking a record of 2.09 in each event.

The Governor's Stake, the $2,000 2.10 trot, was won by Dotty after Black Pegasus equaled the coast four­year‑old record in winning the first heat in 2.041/4. Dotty won the 2.16, 2.14 and 2.10 class trots, reducing her record to 2.04.

Pegasus Pointer was the winner of the 2.14 pace and the 2.10 class pacing stake for a purse of $2,000, best time 2.021/2.

C. A. Harrison established a new track record for two­year‑old pacers with a mile in 2.081/2.

Peter Patch won the second and third heats of the free‑for‑all trot in 2.021/2 and 2.031/4 and Hollyrood Pat won the first heat in 2.033/4, equalling the state threeheat record made by Peter Patch at Stockton.

Star Etawah took a new three‑heat record for the Sacramento track when he won the three heats of the free‑for‑all pace in 2.03, 2.021/4 and 2.033/4.
. . . .
The Los Angeles County Fair at Pomona programmed ten days and three evenings of racing, including many features, among them Dotty's world record.

The two‑year‑old record for pacers on a half‑mile track was set at 2.11 by C. A. Harrison, who won the two‑year‑old division of the Los Angeles Futurity. La Mira won the trotting division of this stake.

I. L. Borden's stable won both divisions of the Los Angeles County Fair Futurity for three‑year‑olds with his Blossom Pegasus, driven by Bert Bell, taking the trotting event and Miss Pointer Pegasus, driven by J. Dolan, winning the pacing event.

Star Etawah, driven by C. A. Witt, lowered the state record for pacers on a halfmile track with a performance in 2.041/2.

Frank R. Kohr's pacer, Raymond K. Dillon, driven by W. A. Stuart, was the leading money winner of the meeting, winning three races, feature 2.20 pace, the 2.16 and the 2.15 classes.

Ray Sherry's Hunter G. won two races and took a record of 2.10, having started the meeting with no record.

Herspring Brothers' Carnatic won the feature 2.20 trot, Bert Abbe won one of the free‑for‑all paces and Peter Patch won the 2.06 trot with three heats in 2.06, 2.053/4 and 2.06.

Pegasus Pointer won the 2.14 and 2.10 paces and set the four‑year‑old record on a half‑mile track at 2.051/2.

Large fields of horses and keen competition was the order in each event of the extensive racing program at the Los Angeles County Fair, where the splendid new grand stand provided ample room for the fans on all days except one, when it was necessary to refuse admittance because of the crowded condition of the stand.