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AN ENTRY LIST arrived from California that for all the world resembled so many pages torn from a New York City telephone book. In other words, it contained the names of 1,223 entries to. the events of the inaugural Grand Circuit meeting promoted by the Western Harness Racing Association scheduled for Santa Anita, Cal., during April 16 to May 18, and represents a cash value amounting to the magnificent total, of $164,500.

Broken down into readable figures, the named stakes drew the following entries: The $50,000 Santa Anita Trotting Derby, 90 nominations; the $50,000 Hollywood Pacing Derby, 105 nominations; the Palo Alto 2.19 trot, 105 nominations; the 2.14 Sonoma Girl trot, 59 nominations; the Arion 2.073/4 free-for-all trot, 20 nominations, the Pasadena 2.19 pace, 98 nominations; the Long Beach 2.14 pace, 98 nominations; the Pomona free-for-all pace , 25 nominations; the Annaheim 2.11 bar trot, 62 nominations; the San Marino 2.14 bar trot, 74 nominations; the Arcadia 2.18 bar trot, 82 nominations; the Moravia 2.11 bar pace, 53 nominations; the Burbank 2.14 bar pace, 63 nominations; the Glendale 2.18 bar pace, 91 nominations; the San Bernardino 2.20 trot for three-year-olds, 38 nominations, the Riverside 2.20 pace for three-year-olds, 45 nominations; the San Gabriel for California-owned three-year-old trotters eligible to the 2.20 class, 17 nominations; the Lou Dillon 1.581/2 free-for-all trot, 27 nominations; the San Pedro free-for-all pace, 41 nominations; the Sunol 2.081/4 free-for-all trot, 28 nominations; the Will Durfee free-for-all pace, 38 nominations. The three-year-old 2.22 class pace for California-owned colts did not fill.

While the list includes a lot of unheard titles it is filled with plenty of "big time" names as for instance in the line-up of the two big $50,000 events, the free-for-all trot and the free-for-all pace, which are literally gleaming with the class of the harness horse sport. It is a most imposing mustering of the forces, and almost anything can happen in the course of the meeting in the matter of records, and we rather believe some of the events will end up as sensational performances. There is a whale of a lot of speed available and the cream of the driving talent is well represented also' so look for almost anything to happen. If the track is at all glib or fast, miles and torrid competition seem to be the order of the day, so to speak, for the big money at the other end of the rainbow will bring out the best in the steeds and their drivers. So let's hope the course is good. It won't have to be much better than just good to bring out a good horse race in any of the events, for the class of the harness horse world seems to be pretty well represented at Santa Anita. Pre-race time reports on the condition of the big track are very favorable for fast performances to materialize. The lists are almost breath-taking in the matter of expectancy as to the final summary in each battle and any guess, it appears, is as good as any other in picking the winner. In the pace it will be noted the name of the antediluvian Ouster Volo appears, be being, it will be recalled by the faithful who attended at Lexington last fall, the gentleman of years who batted a neat 1,000 per cent in the four or so starts be made, one of them being in habiliments of the gentry known as "a hobbler.'' He also is named in the big trot and if he gets away fairly quick in the proceedings and does not get too much fussed-up in the scoring, he will probably be found chugging away, and most earnestly so, from wire to wire. We are rather concerned over who is taking care of his farm chores while he is gallivanting around on the West Coast, for Ouster is one of the hands used by Guy Cleveland, his owner, to help, among other efforts, with the small matter of putting in some hundred and more acres in corn, before the old gent vacations at the races. He is going to have some terrific competition to overcome, but a good bet on the old fellow is that be will be trying from wire to wire. We are in his corner and hope be wins.

The list follows:

see accompanying PDF; SantaAnitaEntries

"Another week of such reservations and we'll have to put the rest of the folks out about there, Gene," said Ed Keller to E. C. Moriarty, the stalwart Kansas sportsman, as they looked about the lawn at Santa Anita. Which should be ample warning to folks heading for the big meeting on the Coast.