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La Lomita Rancho - Lockford, CA - 1941

The following from the Apr 2, 1941 HH and "In the West" column by P. W. Moser: Lockeford. Calif

Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Patmon, well-known California breeders of high class horses, announce their first public auction at their new 454-acre La Lomita Rancho at Lockeford, 17 miles north of Stockton, on Saturday, April 19. A group of 16 head of selected standardbred trotters and pacers, including colts, fillies and aged horses by the well bred stallions, Dandy Jim. Double Peter. Bellini the Great, Bert Abbe and Guy Leaf, will be offered at this sale which starts at 11 A.m. and will continue throughout the day. Included on the list of offerings are Abbe Carter 2:04, considered by many to be the best 2:15 class pacer in California today; Doctor Sewall 2:11, winner of the San Joaquin County Fair pacing futurity for three-year-olds last year; and Peter J. M. 2:13, winner of the third heat of the Sacramento State Fair Occident Stake in 1940. Also offered is an impressive list of promising two- and three-year-old colts and fillies sired by Dandy Jim, fine looking son of Lord Jim; as well as others by the Peter Volo stallion, Double Peter, which was long in the Patmon stud. Of particular interest to prospective buyers is the fact that all of the horses offered at the sale have been foaled in California and are, therefore, eligible to all California stakes. The colts and fillies are also fully paid up for engagements in all of the futurity stakes open to horses of their age in California. Considering that California harness racing is steadily expanding with added racing days and increased purses each year, the eligibility of the Patmon offerings to the home-bred stakes is an attractive feature in their favor. Johnny McQuaig, well-known trainer from the Middle West, is in charge of conditioning operations at La Lomita Rancho and he reports the horses to be sound and ready for continued training for the coming racing season. The two-year-olds have been broken to the sulky and the older horses are being jogged daily. Mr. and Mrs. Patmon purchased their new farm a few months ago and they are rapidly transforming it into one of show places of the California breeding industry. They are preparing to receive a large and representative gathering of harness horsemen from all parts of the Pacific Coast as well as from other states for their sale on April 19. George W. Bell of Tulare will be the auctioneer in charge of the sale. The complete list of horses offered includes: Abbe Carter 2:04, six-year-old gelding by Bert Abbe. Allie R., b f, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Rose Marie Abbe; Asta, b g, foaled in 1938 by Double Peter, dam Silverette; Dandy J., ch c, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Carolyn Ann. Doc Chapman, b c, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Marie Ax Me; Doctor Sewall 2:11, b g, foaled in 1937 by Guy Leaf, dam Marie Ax Me; Dot Ann, br f, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Marjorie Ann; Geraldine J., b f, fo aled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Rosalee; Leata K., br f, foaled in 1939 by Double Peter, dam Bondaleta. Louise B., ch f, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Jim, dam Louise dam Marjorie Ann; Myrna J., ch f, foaled in 1940 by Dandy Boswell; Marjorie Bell b f, foaled in 1938, by Bellini the Great, Jim, dam Daisy Grey; Nancy H., b f, foaled in 1939 by Double Peter, dam Nancy Leaf; Nan Grey, ch f, foaled in 1939 by Double Peter, dam Silverette. Peter J. M. 2:13, b g, foaled in 1937 by Double Peter, dam Miss Pegasus Bond; Scatterbrain, b g, foaled in 1938 by Double Peter, dam Bondaleta. Sale pdf

New Track and Extensive Meeting Being Talked of in Southern, California


Harry S. Hart, manager of Marwyck Ranch, the thoroughbred breeding establishment in the San Fernando Valley, -owned by Barbara Stanwyck and one of the Marx brothers, is representing a group of Southern Californians who are interested in leasing Marwyck and sponsoring a thirty day exposition and race meeting, on the grounds of the Ranch.

Mr. Hart has been appointed to get the "low down" on the sport of light harness racing, and ascertain if possible whether or not a meeting of this nature could be made profitable.

The exposition would not only be a harness meeting, but would also feature a rodeo, horse show, and thoroughbred racing. One of the questions to be encountered would be whether or not the California State Racing Board would give racing dates, etc. Two plans are up for consideration, either purchase outright or lease the ranch and completely change it into an "exposition grounds." There is ample stable room for a large number of horses; a grandstand with a seating capacity of 10,000 people; a private exercising half-mile track for the harness horses, show ring, rodeo grounds, would have to be added. The two mansions on the place, the Marx home and the Stanwyck home, would be made into club houses, one for trotting horse patrons, and the other for thoroughbred men.

The three-quarter mile race course would not need to be altered with the exception of being resurfaced to suit the trotters.

Marwyck is in an ideal location for a race meeting, as it is only about twenty miles away from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other large Southern California cities and towns. We are confident that large crowds would flock to the grandstand, and that a thirty day meeting would be very much of a success here in the California southland.

The races will be open to the world, and the meeting given at a time of year best suited to bring the Grand Circuiters, as well as the top half-mile track horses out to California, if plans could be arranged.

All races to be mile dashes, and providing they may obtain the outstanding horses of the country the purses will range from $700 up, with a number of $2,500 races, some for $5,000, and two or three big $10,000 stakes!

The best possible man will try to be obtained to manage the meeting as well as the best trotting horse handicapper in the business.

The latest stable to arrive at the Pomona training colony is that of John P. Brady from Tucson, Ariz., with trainer Dan Wooldridge in charge, including the following half-dozen head:

Mary Margaret p, 2:06, b m, by Pat Junior 2:023/4,

Cash Abbey p, 2: 11, br h, by Cold Cash p, 1:581/2,

Marie Potempkin p, b m, by Peter Potempkin 2:151/4,

Abbey Cash p, br f, 3, by Cold Cash,

Pat b 9, 3, by Pat junior,

Phoenix b g, 3, by All Worthy 2:06.

La Lomita Rancho—the "ranch of the little hill," was recently purchased by Mr. Charles G. Patmon, a popular owner and breeder of standardbreds in California. The ranch, with its 454 acres of rolling hill and meadow land on the south bank of the Mokelumne River near Lockeford, Calif., was formerly the property of Ferdinand Bain of Lockeford and Los Angeles.

La Lomita Rancho is undergoing a sparkling transformation this spring under the guiding hand of its new owner, Mr. Patmon, who plans to make it the centre of his extensive livestock breeding enterprises.

When completed, La Lomita Rancho will be a gem among California's numerous breeding farms, and the stallions standing in service there will be Dandy Jim, a son of Lord Jim 3, 2:003/4 in the standardbred division; Brooklyn, a son of Col. Bradley's Blue Larkspur in the thoroughbred division; and Southern Sun, a five-gaited stallion formerly owned by the Cecil B. DeMille family of Hollywood, who purchased him for a reported price of $12,000.

These stallions and a band of some thirty-five well bred mares form the foundation of the Patmon stud at the present time. Mr. Patmon has plans of adding more highly bred mares and stallions from now on.

Trainer Johnny McQuaig, formerly with the J. E. Crosbie farm at Tulsa, Okla., has charge of the trotting horse division of La Lomita, a post which he held for many seasons at the late Mr. Crosbie's farm. Johnny should make Mr. Patmon a very able man in this division.

Within the next few weeks (on April 19th to be exact) Mr. Patmon plans to hold the first annual La Lomita Horse Auction. Seven colts and fillies by Dandy Jim will be among those to be sold as well as that star campaigner Abbe Carter p, 2:04, b g, by Bert Abbe p, 1:591/4, that proved to be a pretty tough pacing warrior on the west coast during the 1939 season.

Peter J. M. 2:13, b g, 4, by Double Peter, will also be sold at the sale. This young trotter made his record last season at Sacramento in the final heat of the $1,500 ThreeYear-Old Trot, being trained and raced in the able hands of Bill Taylor, now wintering at Pomona, Calif.

Peter JM

Peter J. M., 3, 2:13 (Bill) Taylor up) b g, by Double Peter-Miss Pegasus Bond.

Jerry Shively Photo