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Articles on California Harness Racing - 1941

California Comment - June 11th, 1941 HH


Word was recently received from Stockton that the aged campaigner, Palomin 2:013/4, b g, by Palo Cres 2:051/2, owned and trained by Miss Hellen Davis, Vacaville, Cal., looks like the trotter to beat in the fast trots through the California circuit this summer.

Last year, Palomin won his first start of the season, the 2:10 trot at Santa Rosa in straight heats, trotting in 2:043/4-2:04. The next week at Stockton, Cal., the gelding again won the 2:10 trot in straight heats in 2:021/2-2:04, and later in the week defeated the great Stellite 2:01 by Azoff 2:141/4, the first heat of the free-for-all trot in 2:021/2, but was defeated in the final heat in 2:04. Miss Davis drove the son of Palo Cres in all his engagements and, as usual, did clever work handling and rating him.

What's this about all drivers on the California Circuit being forced to take out around $95 worth of insurance before the Racing Commission will permit them to do any race driving in 1941 ? It might put a lot of those "little fellows" who are the back-bone of the business out of the running for a year. The "dues" are a trifle high now for a lot of men we know, and this "slight" addition will make it burdensome on drivers! Too bad the Fair Boards of the six different places in the circuit do not combine and agree to insure the drivers. Many places insure against rain (yes, even in California), and it seems to me, that the gentlemen who sit in the sulkies are even more important than the rain, when we come right down to brass knuckles.

Just before he departed for an extended vacation in Mexico City, South America, and other southern points of interest, John P. Scripps of San Diego, Calif., posed for the enclosed picture with his promising two-yearold trotting colt, Top of the Mark, br g, by Spencer 1:593/4-Anticipation 2:143/4 by Belwin 2:063/4. This was the first time within a couple of years that we had plenty of film in the old "Brownie-box" when John was out to the track, and the "click" resulted in this rather pleasing shot. Fine colt you have there, Mr. Scripps, and we don't blame you for being high on him.

Shively worked Gay Song p, 3, 2:031/4 a slow mile this week, and the big stallion seemed to be over his lameness and ready for work he's been missing of late.

Mrs. Helen Waters of Beaumont, Calif., was a recent Pomona visitor to see her trainer, Charley Short, put her handy little pacer, Christian H. K., through a workout mile in 2:171/2.

Thanks to Jesse Shuff, Kentucky correspondent for THE HARNESS HORSE, for the many pages of information he recently sent us on request, in regard to early Standardbred history in America.

Dooney 2:151/2, b m, by Mr. McComas, and Paramount p, 2:07, b h, by Peter the Brewer, owned by Mr. W. E. Chisholm of Van Nuys, Calif., and trained by Mark Conroy, formerly of York, Nebr., are now in training at the Pomona track.

The Norman L. Philp Stable, comprising Evelyn Woollen, ch m, by Peter Woollen 2:251/4, and Mary H. Woollen p, br m, by Peter Woollen, will shortly have two new additions. They are: A chestnut yearling colt by Double Peter-Virginia O., and Pegasus McElwyn, b g, 2, by Black Pegasus 2:04-Tronia McElwyn by Mr. McElwyn. Both will be in Trainer Will Brewer's charge.

Jerry Shively Photo.

Top of the Mark

Owner John P. Scripps, shown with his good two-year-old trotter, Top of the Mark, br g, by Spencer 1:593/4 -Anticipation by Beliwn.

California - June 25th, 1941 HH


The California State Fair, Sacramento, Aug. 20 to Sept. 7, is expected to be bigger and better than ever in 1941. Larger purses are offered for harness races which we hope will bring out a large number of mid-West and Eastern stables for the Sacramento meeting as well as every other meeting on the California Circuit.

Entrance fees and payments on all other purse races, except dash races, at the California State Fair, will be one per cent, due and payable on July 15, 1941, and two per cent to start, all payment moneys being added to the purses.

Last season the California State Fair inaugurated the policy of awarding of trophies to the Champion California Standardbred and Thoroughbred sires.

The Trophy last year went to Pegasus Pointer owned by Mr. I. L. Borden of Stockton and San Francisco for the Champ of the trotting sires.

The second annual awards will be made at the 1941 California State Fair to the owner of the outstanding sire, whose get have earned the most money in the year 1940, based on the official records of the United States Trotting Association, and the Thoroughbred sire making the best showing accord ing to the Jockey Club statistics.

The awards are designed as a tribute to California's breed ing industry and are intended to further stimulate the breed. ing of standardbred and thoroughbred horses in the Golden State.

In all the State Fair harries races, as usual, except in dashes, where twelve or more horses are declared to start, $300 will be added to each purse, and the field divided into, two divisions racing two heats in each race, for one-quarter of the purse to each heat

To make the races more popular with State Fair patrons, the Fair Board, with all members of the Western Fairs Association, will insist that all drivers must wear their caps and colors, not only in races, but when appearing on the track in warmup miles before post time. The boys who roll the bandages will be requested to be neat in appearance when, coming onto the track.

The Photo-Finish will decide the heat winners in all head and head finishes, as was the case last year.

There is as much, if not more training at the Sacramento mile track this year than at any of the other popular training colonies on the west coast. This is no doubt due to the splendid condition of the oval, which has received real trotting horse care throughout the spring.

Byron Perry, Jake Rodman, John Quinn, Walt Tryon, Bi Shively, etc., are all training large stables each one having promising charges which is nothing unusual.

Byron Perry's headliner is the tough pacing warrior, El Venado, p, 2:013/4, br h, by Spencer owned by Mr. Beverly Gibson of Sacramento. He is training well, has been in 2:111/2-1:03-:30 and we intend to have a wager right on the end of his nose in his first start of the season, providing all goes well with him.

"The Baron's" chief patron is Mrs. J. E. Montgomery of Davis, Cal., for whom he has the following: Star Logan, p, br c, 2, by Star EtawahReinetta Logan, a young sidewheeler which is the picture of his fast sire, and what is more, is gaited like him; Sally Logan, p, 2, 2:101/2, a three-yearold, free-legged daughter of Guy Leaf-Reinetta Logan, which has been in 2:14-1:05-:31, and is Mrs. Montgomery's favorite of the lot, as well as the trainer's, Miss Pegasus Logan, p, 3, 2:10, b m, by Pegasus Pointer has been in 2:111/2-1:04:301/2; Walter Logan, p, 2:01, b g, by Jim Logan, has been evenly rated in 2:12, and should make a successful come-back; Miss Logan, p, 2:033/4, br in, by Sunny Jim Logan, has been in 2:13-1:04-:301/2; and last on the list, but not least, Miss Pointer Leaf, 3, 2:12, b m, by Guy Leaf, has trained in 2:16-1:051/2-:31.

"Roarin' " Rodman, known to his many friends as Jacob, is training the eight-horse string owned by J. Harry Nelson of Selma, Calif.

Prince Yakima, p, 2:04, bl g, by Peter Woollen is, of course, the star of this stable, and is looking better than we've ever seen him. Two trips in 2:111/2-2:111/2-1:03-:30, completed his latest and fastest airing; Bert Smith, p, 2:09, b g, in 2:141/2; Cody Patch, b f, 3, by Peter Patch, 2:01; Aqua Patch, b m, by Peter Patch, in 2:15; Fashion Patch, b g, by 2:141/2; Cody Patch, b f, 3, by Peter Patch, 2:161/2; Guy Clara, b g, 3, by Guy Leaf, in 2:24; True Single G., p, b g, 2, by Truabbe, in 2:141/2, and True Mc, p, b g, 2, by Truabbe, is going slow miles and showing very favorably.

Trainer Ed Lafferty has been a mile in 2:14 with his good three-year-old pacer, Beverly Bingen, b f, by Maxey Bingen.

The clever pacer, Peter Primrose, p, 3, 2:033/4, br h, by Peter Volo owned by Cecil Nicholson of Tulare, Calif., and in training in the Stockton colony has been a mile in 2:08, and is reported to have stepped off a half in better than a minute!!

Jerry Shively Photo.

Sally Logan

Sally Logan p, 2, 2:101/2, bl f, by Guy Leaf-Reinetta Logan, Byron Perry driving.