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By N. J. Huntsman

REVIEWING the Stockton races held at the San Joaquin County Fair, it is pleasing to state that there was an increase in the wagering through the mutuels during the nine‑day meeting. The first day compared with the corresponding day of a year ago, the figures were $15,354 against $9,521.

Opening day, Saturday, August 22, the 18 pace, originally for $500, was raced off in two divisions, each for $400, together with a 12 pace and a 12 trot, each for $600. Seven started in the first division of the pace. Doctor Bob, owned by Harry Nelson of Selma, won the first heat driven by Hansen in 2.04. Buddy Maxey, owned by George Davis of Tulsa, Okla., after placing the first trip, reduced his record of 2.041/4 to win the second heat in 2.031/4, driven by Billy Taylor. In the second division of the pace, Orpha, owned by J. B. Reynolds of Kansas City, Mo., and driven by Parker, won in 2.05 and 2.05, lowering her record of 2.06. Eight started. Peter Hal (Morgan) and Jean (Potter) each placed a heat. Buddy Maxey paid $5.40 to win his heat.

Hollyrood Blizzard, owned by Robert Russell of Denver, and driven by Shively, equalled his record of 2.02 to win the first heat of the 12 pace and came back in 2.021/2. Five started. Santa Paula (Thomas) and Gladys Potempkin (Rodman) were next best in the summary.

The California‑bred Santa Margarita, owned by W. O. Reynolds of Denver, lowered her record of 2.05 when she won the 12 trot, driven by Brown, in 2.031/2 and 2.031/2. The highly regarded Eleanor Volo, driven by Shively, placed each heat. Six others started. Santa Margarita paid $47.00 to win, $7.80 to place and $4.40 to show the first heat. In the second she paid $7.80 to win, so it looks as though the daughter of Pegasus B. really upset the betting dope.

Sunday, August 23, the second day, was devoted to the harness kind with a good attendance out to see the two three‑heat events and two of the two‑heat variety. The San Joaquin County Fair Futurity, No. 1, for three‑year‑old pacers, was won in straight heats by Abbe Britton, driven by Heiney. Nine started and the miles were in 2.11, 2.10, and 2.11. The colt, owned by Ray Sherry of Tulare, reduced his record of 2.101/2, made against time, August 8, thus making him the first 2.10 performer for Bert Abbe. This futurity had a purse of $1,000.

Maxey Hal, owned by C. C. Smith of Yakima, Wash., won the 30 pace in 2.071/2 and 2.091/2, driven by Witt.The win­ner also reduced his record made at the record meeting at Stockton, August 8, when he went in 2.08.

The 20 trot, which amounted to $930, went to Stellite, owned by Ben Horine of Carthage, Mo. Nine started for the word and the miles were 2.061/2, 2.08 and 2.08. Calumet Fearless (R. Parker) placed each heat.

S. H. Cowell's stallion, Peter Patch 2.01, became a 2.10 sire when a member of his first crop, Charm Patch, driven by Tryon, won in that notch, reducing her August 8 trip against the watch in 2.111/2. The event was the two‑year‑old trot, a stake amounting to $680. Lee Collingwood's Truax filly, Louise the Great, driven by Potter, secured her record of 2.101/2 to win the second heat .

The third day started off with a 17 pace for foals of California. Eight started, with Logan Montgomery in front both trips, the time 2.031/2 and 2.043/4. The son of Jim Logan lowered his record of 2.044/2 and was driven by Potter. The Al Schwartz horse paid $6.80 to win the first, $5.20 the second. C. A. Harrison (Thomas) paid $15.80 to place the first heat, while in the second, Rondo Guy (G. Parker) paid $10.20 to show.

Santa Margarita made her second start in the 15 trot for foals of California, driven by Brown, winning in 2.05 and 2.061/4 against four others.

The 16 trot was a Lee Collingwood victory. His Calumet Darnell, driven by Potter, equalled her record of 2.063/4. Halderman, after placing Calumet Duchess, came out to win the second go in 2.06, lowering her mark of 2.08. Calumet Darnell paid $19.40 to win the first heat, $9.80 to place and $5.80 to show. Duchess paid the same on the place and show in the first.

Eleanor Volo, owned by J. T. Allen of Denver, that changed ownership since reaching California, proved she was a tough trotter to beat when she won the 10 trot on Tuesday, the fourth day. Six other opponents entered the ring. Shively won with the mare in 2.02, 2.03 and 2.06114, the first heat reducing her record of 2.031/4. Star Bright, a much improved trotter this year, placed each heat driven by Yoder. The gelding paid $8.40 to place, $5.20 to show. Wattswood (Huber) paid $27.00 to show the first heat.

In the 14 pace ($600), Volo Mc, owned by Bert Sheppard of Oklahoma City, and driven by Reeves, won both heats in 2.051/2 and 2.06 in a field of eight.The first heat reducing the record of 2.061/4, for the son of Mr. McElwyn, when lie paid $4.40 to win.

Johnny Luck, by Cincofield, driven by owner Tom Brady of Walla Walla, Wash., won the first heat of the 24 pace, $500, winning in 2.05, which stands as the gelding's record. Johnny paid his backers $35.20 to win, $6.80 to place, $4.60 to show. In the second heat be placed to H. H. Tice, owned and driven by F. F. Ceideberg, of Hutchinson, Kans., Tice winning in 2.043/4, reducing his record of 2.123/4, made when he was a two‑year­old. The son of Favonian paid $11.60 to win.

Wednesday, the fifth day, the Pomona owner, Tom Crawford, drove his Hollywood McKinney in 2.08 and 2.08 to win the first division of the 20 pace. The gelding reduced his record of 2.111/2. This event was for horses foaled in California and there were six starters. The Crawfords horse paid only $3.00 and $2.80 to win, while Mavourneen (Arnold) paid $7.20 to place the first heat.

In the second division of the 20 pace, Cowell Logan, owned by J. W. Stevenson of Selma, and driven by Hansen, won the first heat to take a record of 2.063/4, paying $4.40, and Monarch $6.80 to place. Monarch, owned by Al Schwartz of Pleasanton, driven by Murphy, took a record of 2.08 to win the second heat, paying $16.20. This made two new 2.10 performers for the California sires, Jim Logan and Pegasus B.

The two‑year‑old pace, amounting to $705, went to Jay, by Peter's Express, owned and driven by C. J. Hansen of Stockton. Eight youngsters started. The miles were paced in 2.09 and 2.091/4, giving another California sire a new 2.10 performer. Jay paid $3.40 and $5.20; L. B. Woollen (Lance), $7.00 to place.

Two more new records were reeled off in the 30 trot. The first heat went to Easter Woollen, owned by J. J. Kadderley of Portland, Ore., and driven by Dennis, the mile in 2.09. Tulare Express, driven by owner A. Camirand of San Francisco, won the second in 2.093/4 after placing in the first heat, when he paid $14.20. In the final, the Express horse paid $9.00 to win with Taffy Hall (R. Parker) paying $11.60 to place.

Four started in the free‑for‑all pace, amounting to $750, Thursday, the sixth day. Star Etawah, the free‑legged pacing star of many seasons, owned by S. H. Cowell of Santa Cruz, with driver Tryon, was best in the field, winning in 2.05, 2.04 and 2.05. Dick Napoleon (R. Parker) stood next best.

Walter Tryon was again a winner with the Peter the Brewer mare, Ishbel, winning the 20 trot, for horses foaled in California. Seven started and the time for the two heats, 2.101/4 and 2.071/2, reducing her record of 2.091/4, made last year as a three‑year‑old. Henry Pegasus (Enloe) paid $11.00 to place the first heat.

La Mira, by Spencer, owned and driven by Homer Rutlherford, of Sacramento, won the first heat of the 18 trot, $500, in 2.08, reducing her record from 2.12, paying $9.20. Grace Noon, owned by John P. Scripps, of San Diego, and driven by Shively, after showing the first trip, came out to win the second in 2.081/2, paying $39.20, $5.20, $5.20.

Friday, the seventh day, Hollyrood Blizzard, driven by Shively, and Orpha, driven by R. Parker, hooked up in the 16 pace. Each grabbed a heat. The Blizzard paid only $2.20 to win the first in 2.03. Chuck Vonian (Blackwell) showed to the tune of $10.40. Orpha won the next in 2.05, equalling her record made the first day, paying $7.80, and Volo Ale $6.00 to place.

Hal Forbes, owned by Henry Helman of Stockton, lowered his record of 2.053/4, winning the first heat of the 15 pace for horses foaled in California. The first was in 2.041/4, with the son of The Great Forbes paying $57.00, $16.20, $3.60, driven by Bell. Logan Montgomery, owned by Al Schwartz and driven by Potter, landed the second in 2.05 with Rondo Guy (G. Parker) placing to pay $19.20, $8.80.

Santa Margarita won her third race of the week. In the 14 trot she trotted in 2.03 and 2.02, for a new record to her credit. The Denver mare has proved to be a real trotting machine. Eight started. Peter Moore (Sanford) paid $9.40 to show in the first. Field Day (R. Parker) placed each heat.

Saturday, the eighth day, Tulare Express further reduced his record driven by Camirand, to win the first heat of the 24 trot, in 2.07, paying $20.20, $11.20, $2.60. Maxey Jay (Halderman) paying $12.80 to place. John Scripps' Thorn, driven by Shively, won the second in 2.10, paying $9.80. The biggest price of the week occurred when Jean Morris (Yoder) paid the stunning amount of $180.40 to place in the second heat and $12.40 to show—a record for a place pay off.

Doctor Bob, by Maxey Bingen, driven by Hansen, again lowered his record when the black stallion won both heats of the 20 pace, in the first division, amounting to $530. There were six starters and the time of the ‑miles, 2.033/4, 2.023/4.

F. F. Ceideberg won the first heat of the second division of the 20 pace, with H. A. Tice, in 2.023/4, reducing his mark of 2.043/4, made on Tuesday. The Favonian gelding paid $13.40 to win. Buddy Maxey, driven by Billy Taylor, lowered his record once more, this time to 2.013/4, and paid $3.80 to win the second heat.

Saturday, the final day for betting, brought $23,881 through the machines, bringing the total to $108,244 for the nine‑day meeting. The daily average was $15,463, and the meeting showed an increase of $39,437 over last year.

For Sunday, August 30, the final day, four harness events were carded. Blossom Pegasus, owned by J. W. Donnelly of San Francisco, was a straight heat winner in the 17 trot for California‑bred horses. The Pegasus B. gelding reduced his record from 2.143/4, when he won in 2.08 and 2.10, driven by Huber.

In the San Joaquin County Fair Futurity for tbree‑year‑old trotters, Carter Woollen, owned by E. D. Rhodes of Yakima, Wash., was the best, winning all three heats in 2.081/2, 2.091/2 and 2.13. The time for the first mile stands as the colt's record, and Witt was the driver.

Colonel Tom, driven by R. Parker, won the 10 pace, amounting to $810. Gladys Potempkin (Rodman) was next best in the field of six, the time 2.031/2, 2.031/2, 2.041/2.

There was a great surprise in the final event, the freefor‑all trot, amounting to $870. Star Bright, owned by Cecil Nicholson of Tulare, after being an undependable creature for so many seasons and finally being sold to his present owner for $300 last year, turned the tables on the talent when Jimmy Yoder drove the eight‑year‑old gelding two heats in 2.011/11 and the final in 2.03‑3/4, reducing his record from 2.03. Mr. Nicholson is a new owner of harness horses on the west coast and he has gathered together a string that are apt to pull more surprises. Jean Morris, that made the big place price on Saturday, is also owned by the same man. Star Bright defeated such horses as Eleanor Volo, Santa Margarita, Elizabeth Heberling and Peter F. J., also trotted the fastest mile for the meeting, in. fact the fastest mile for either gait. Buddy Maxey, owned by G. S. Davis of Tulsa, Okla., paced the fastest mile for the meeting, that being 2.013/4, driven by W. B. Taylor.

There were 69 heats raced, 34 of which were in 2.05 or better, and 30 in 2.10 or better. The leading winner was Santa Margarita 2.02, owned by W. O. Reynolds of Denver, Colo. The black mare won three races, in six straight heats.

. . . .

The State Fair at Sacramento opened Saturday, September 5. There was an attendance of 50,000 to see the exhibits, while last year the opening day had 39,000. This makes the 82nd annual State Fair held at Sacramento and each year new records are broken. A total of $26,038 passed through the pari‑mutuels the first day—an increase of almost $10,000 over the opening day a year ago.

The State Fair Occident Stake No. 19, for three‑year‑old trotters and a purse of $2,000, was won in straight heats by Belle Mae that was the outstanding two‑year‑old here last year. She is by Mr. McElwyn, and owned by John P. Scripps of San Diego. Driven by Shively, the filly won in with five others, paying $10.00 the first, $4.80 the second—no betting the final. The miles were in 2.11, 2.111/2, and 2.13. Belle Mae reduced her record of 2.14 made last year as a two‑year‑old. Carter Woollen (Witt) stood next best in the summaries.

Logan Montgomery, owned by Al Schwartz, came out to win the 12 pace, for horses foaled in California. The son of Jim Logan went 2.05, 2.06, driven by Potter, paying $4.20 and $3.00 for the two heats.

Chandu, owned by W. W. Van Vleet of Pueblo, Colo., was the best in the 14 pace, first division, worth $500, with Dick Napoleon (R. Parker) placing both miles.

J. B. Reynolds' Orpha, with driver R. Parker, lowered her record once more to win the 14 pace, second division. The Volomite mare paid $8.40 to win the first, $5.00 the second. In the first mile, Volo Me paid $5.60 to place and Chuck Vonian, $7.40 to show. Hollyrood Blizzard (Shively) placed the second. The miles were in 2.051/4, 2.021/4.

With no racing Sunday, Labor Day became the second day on the program with 100,000 persons passing through the turnstiles. The total attendance for the three days reached more than 250,000. The Saturday and Sunday attendance was 151,455, which was 45,000 more than the first two days in 1935. A new record was set when 40,000 packed in the racing enclosure, betting $46,849.

Jay, by Peter's Express, winner of the two‑year‑old pace at Stockton, won the second heat of the State Fair Stake for two‑year‑old pacers, amounting to $710. Driven by owner Hansen, the mile was in 2.16, after Princess Abigail, by Truax, owned by John P. Scripps of San Diego, won the first in 2.151/4 for her record.

Santa Margarita gathered more honors when she won the 14 trot, first division. Six started and the W. O. Reynolds mare won both heats in 2.043/4 and 2.053/1. Caroline Woollen (Lance) paid $18.00 to place the first, and Peter Moore, $5.00 to place in the second. In the second division of the 14 trot, Eleanor Volo, driven by Shively, won in 2.07 and 2.071/2. Field Day and La Mira each placed.

In the first division of the 20 pace, ($950 for each division) Doctor Bob, driven by Hansen won the first heat in 2.031/2 for owner Harry Nelson of Selma, paying $7.20 to win. Buddy Maxey, owned by George Davis of Tulsa and driven by Billy Taylor, grabbed the second heat in 2.051/4, paying $8.60, $7.60, $5.80. Silver Sign (Argo) paid $85.20 to place and $24.60 to show, in the second heat.

H. A. Tice won both heats of the second division of the 20 pace. Owner Ceideberg drove the winner in 2.063/4 and 2.06, and in the second heat, Northern Belle (Murphy) paid $13.20 to place.

The third day, Stellite, by Azoff, now owned by Robert Johnson of Winfield, Kans., and driven by Halderman, won the 20 trot worth $1,600 in straight heats, the miles 2.063/4, 2.071/4 and 2.07. Calumet Fearless (R. Parker) stood next best with Doctor McElwyn (Taylor) grabbing the place, the second heat, when be paid $7.60.

In the State Fair Stake for two‑year‑old trotters for $780, Louise Truax, owned by Lee Collingwood of Hutchinson, Kans., was the best, winning in 2.111/2 and 2.123/4.

The State Fair Occident Stake for $2,000 went three heats. The Reynolds horse, Gratt McComas by Mr. MeComas, driven by R. Parker won the first and third heats and Mary J. Cincofield, driven by Dennis for owner J. J. Kadderley, of Portland, Ore., won the second heat, her mile in 2.101/2 the fastest. Eleven started and the heats were in 2.141/2, 2.101/2, and 2.12.

Wednesday Star Etawah, driven by Tryon, won the free-for‑all pace, the miles in 2.021/2, 2.04, 2.043/4. The S. H. Cowell Stable had a double­winner for the day when Isbbel won the 22 trot for horses foaled in California. The two heats were trotted in 2.11, 2.11. This was the second time for this combination to win, the pair each winning a race on the same day at Stockton. The wagering for the day was 61 per cent more than the same day a year ago. The $35,400 for the day brought the total to $130,668.

With the close of the fair Monday, September 14, the results of racing which have not reached the writer at this time, will be given in the next issue of HOOF BEATS.


Very good evidence that the Patrons of the Stockton Fair like racing.


The old reliable, Colonel Tom 2.00, owned by J. B. Reynolds, Kansas City, Mo., is back in California, topping the sum­maries for Rupe Parker.