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By N. J. Huntsman

AGAIN, 'tis late, and the harnessed steeds have about completed their performance on California tracks for this year. New records have been set and the sport continues, gaining more laurels and new enthusiast

Going back to where I left off with the Sacramento meeting in the October issue of HOOF BEATS, the fifth day, Santa Margarita (Reeves) won the 10 trot in straight heats with Eleanor Volo (Shively) placing each mile. The miles were 2.041/2, 2.04 and 2.041/2. In the 17 pace, for California foals, John Thomas had the winner in C. A. Harrison, both trips in 2.05. Ray Reeves had a second winning mount for the day, copping the first division of the 16 pace. Volo Mc lowered his record of 2.051/2, winning in 2.043/4 and 2.07. By winning the first heat of the second division of the 16 pace, Santa Paula (Thomas) was the third Pegasus B. to win heats for the day, and the mare secured an attractive record of 2.021/2, reduced from 2.051/2, paying $11.20 to win.

On Friday, the sixth day, in the 25 trot, Easter Woollen (Dennis) trotted in 2.05, reducing his record of 2.09. H. A. Tice (Ceideburg) won the first division of the 25 pace, the time 2.05 and 2.06. In the second division, Sally Creek (R. Parker) won in 2.06, both miles the same time. L. B. Woollen (Lance) took a record of 2.101/2 to win the first heat of the two‑year‑old pace, paying $11.80. The mutuels collected $29,943 for the day. This was an increase over the corresponding day for last year.

The seventh day, Saturday, brought the total attendance for the week to 500,000 for the first time in history. This meant record‑breaking crowds each day. In the 22 pace, Bessie Logan (Reeves) took a record of 2.071/4 to win the first heat and came back in 2.08. Abbe K. (Dutton) placed each mile.

The two of the J. B. Reynolds entry glorified themselves by dividing honors in the 10 pace. Colonel Tom (R. Parker) chalked up a 1‑2‑1, and Orpha (Yoder) was right behind the Colonel with 2‑1‑2, the Volomite mare stepping the fastest mile. The time was 2.03, 2.021/4, 2.05. Santa Margarita (Reeves) again came to the front in the first division of the 16 trot, the miles in 2.061/4 and 2.061/2.

Calumet Duchess (Potter) won the second division of the 16 trot. The Truax mare paid $13.40 to win the first in 2.071/4.

The eighth and final day of racing at the State Fair track found Peter F. J. back in his old form. Driven by Murphy, he won the free‑for‑all trot in 2.04, 2.041/4, 2.041/4. In the first, Pete paid $20.80, dropped to $5.00 the next time out and then to $3.20 in the third. In the 15 trot for horses foaled in California, Santa Margarita (Reeves) added her fourth scalp for the Sacramento meeting and each victory meant straight heats. The miles were in 2.07 and 2.043/4.

. . . .

The Los Angeles County Fair held annually at Pomona, had a preview, two days before the meeting was scheduled to open. Test races were held and the pari‑mutuel machines tried out. The innovation in horse racing was decided upon to try out the new equipment that had just been installed. The public was invited to attend with no admission charged to the grounds or the grandstand. No money changed bands, but the public was allowed to see the workings of the machines and what they might have won and lost, according to their choice.

More beautiful than ever, the grounds, containing 205 acres with many new improvements in landscaping, new buildings that were attractive and more efficient and convenient, challenge any fair grounds in the nation today. The plant has almost been rebuilt. A new electrical totalizator sits in the infield. A new stewards' stand is something new, and gives the men in charge of the racing a better view as well as the people in the grandstand.

The opening day at Pomona, Orpha (R. Parker) won the 16 pace in 2.07 back in 2.071/2, paying $3.20 the first for her best pay‑off. Evening Sun (Yoder) paid $7.80 to place the first trip, and Chuck Vonian (Blackwell) $5.20 for a place bet the second, while Jean (Potter) topped the prices with $14.30 to show. C. A. Harrison (Thomas) paid $4.80 to win the first heat of the 15 pace. Rondo Guy (Reeves) placed each heat, with the time 2.09, 2.073/4. The total for the "tote" the first day was $46,762, as against $19,301 for the opener a year ago. There were 26,986 through the gates, 3,462 more than last year's first day.

Saturday, the second day, the 19 trot had two heat winners. Caroline Woollen (Lance) won the first in 2.101/4, paying $9.00 to win. In the second heat, Senator Scott (Reeves) won in 2.103/4, paying the fancy prices of $50.20, $21.80, $7.20. Hollyway, driven by Harry McKay, headed both trips in the free‑for‑all pace. In the first heat the veteran won in 2.03, setting a new track record, displacing the 2.04 made year before last by Colonel Torn, also the 2.033/4 made by Peter F. J. The second heat was won in 2.063/4. The day found 15,000 fans off to the races, playing $92,049 through the machines. Last year the second day's play produced a total of $39,690, so the comparison is staggering.

For Sunday the track was turned over to the harness chariots and the betting booths were closed to allow them to cool off for a big week ahead. In the two‑year‑old pace Fred Hamer (McKay) won the two heats in 2.111/2 and 2.121/4. Doctor Bob (Hansen) won the 20 pace in straight heats. The miles 2.06, 2.053/4, 2.07.

Eleanor Volo (Shively) won the first and second heats of the 10 trot in 2.05 and 2.07. Santa Margarita (Reeves) after being tabbed 4‑9, grabbed the final from Eleanor in 2.07.

On Monday, there were more than 8,000 out for harness and saddles. Tom Crawford, of Pomona, had the winner of the 17 pace, for California foals, in Hollywood McKinney, the miles 2.091/4, 2.093/4. The IS pace was won by Evening Sun (Yoder) in 2.08 and 2.07, thus reducing her record. The Volomite filly has proved to be a good selection out of the 1934 Walnut Hall consignment. Gladys Potempkin (Rodman) won the 12 pace in 2.08, 2.07. Rondo Guy (Potter) and Charlie Watts (Haldeman) divided second and third moneys. The handle for the day was $49,743, the first Monday of last year being $22,620.

The fifth day found the betting going higher, the mutuels ringing up $60,368, whereas last year it was $31,369. In the 15 trot, for California foals, Pegasus Blossom (Thomas) won the first heat in 2.14. With straight betting only, the Blossom horse paid $18.80. The 16 trot was won by Grace Noon (Shively) taking both heats in 2.081/2, 2.101/2. The daughter of High Noon paid off $25.60, $8.40, $4.40 in the first heat. Lucre (McKay) placed each heat.

In the 5 trot the sixth day, Elizabeth Heberling (Blackwell) won the first heat in 2.051/2, paying $16.40. Star Etawah (Tryon) won the 8 pace in 2.051/2, 2.041/4. For the two heats the son of Daystar paid $5.20 and $3.20 to win. The betting went up to $67,504 for the day. Last year the corresponding day was $27,962.

Evening Sun (Yoder) was again a winner, when she won the three‑year‑old pace the seventh day. The heats were in 2.081/2 and 2.101/2. In the 22 trot Thorn (Shively) won the first in 2.101/2. Maxie Jay (Haldeman) paid $9.00 to win the second in 2.09. The betting for the day went still higher' being $70,708, this more than 100 per cent increase over the same day last year.

Friday in the three‑year‑old trot, Belle Mac (Shively) won the first heat in 2.141/2. Taffy Hall (R. Parker) won the second in 2.123/4. Taffy paid $18.00 to win. The 22 pace was raced in elimination heats. Hollywood McKinney (Crawford) won the first in 2.10. Johnny Luck (Brady) won the second and third heats in 2.08 and 2.09. The betting for the meeting up to the eighth day totaled $445,463, that for the eighth day being $58,329 against last year's $30,334.

In the 14 trot, on the ninth day, Santa Margarita (Reeves) after placing to Eleanor Volo (Shively) in the first when that mare won in 2.08, came back to win the second and stand best in the summary with her mile in 2.071/4. In the first heat, Eleanor paid $6.60 to win. Field Day (R. Parker) paid $4.20 to show. In the second heat, Santa Margarita paid only $3.20.

C. A. Harrison (Thomas) paid $12.20, $6.60, $3.60, winning the first heat of the 15 pace. Volo Me (Reeves) paid $7.00 to place, then won the second heat paying $12.00, the miles in 2.061/4, 2.071/2. The ninth day, Saturday, there were 20,000 on hand, and the pari‑mutuels reached a new high, $116,596, the first day for a $100,000 or better handle.

The tenth day was the second Sunday and another holiday for the runners. There were three heat‑winners in the 10 pace. Chandu (Potter) won the first in 2.031/2; Colonel Tom (R. Parker) the second in 2.07, and his stablemate, Orpha (Haldeman), after placing the two previous heats won the final in 2.06. In the 20 trot Stellite (Haldeman) won in straight heats, the miles in 2.081/2, 2.09, 2.11. Louise the Great (Potter) won the two‑year‑old trot in 2.173/4, 2.17.

On Monday in the 20 junior pace, Buddy Maxey (Taylor) won the first in 2.06, paying $10.00. In the second round, Evening Sun (Yoder) after being fourth, won in 2.071/2, paying $4.20.

Peter F. J. (Dutton) won the free‑for‑all trot in 2.06, 2.05. In the first he paid $6.00, in the second, $4.40, Santa Margarita (Reeves) placing each time. The betting for the day was $50,418, against $31,670 for the same day last year.

The first of the night races started Monday, the eleventh day. Marie's Pat (Rodman) won the first heat of the 25 pace in 2.11. Royal Gale (Brady) won the second in 2.111/2

In the 19 pace, Black Braden (Reeves) reduced his record from 2.113/4 to 2.11. Hollywood McKinney (Crawford) won the second heat in 2.091/2. The third event for the evening was also a split‑heat affair, the 13 trot, Lanspere (Lance) won the first in 2.091/4 with Guy the Tramp (Crummer) placing. Guy won the final in 2.101/11 and stood best in the summary. There was no betting on the night races.

Tuesday's racing showed G. S. Maxey (Taylor) winning first heat of the 25 trot in 2.13, which stands as his record, he having been converted from the pace. The Maxey horse paid $11.40. Easter Woollen (Dennis) won the second heat in 2.151/2, paying $5.00.

The 10 pace, for foals of California, was a divided affair also. Santa Paula (Yoder) won the first in 2.07. In the second, her stablemate, C. A. Harrison (Thomas), won in 2.08 and by placing in the first he stood the best. The betting for the day was $57,685, compared to last year's $32,685.

The second night's racing was held Tuesday, and Abbe Britton (Heiney) won the first heat of the three‑year‑old pace in 2.16. The second went to Black Cherry (Schwartz), the time 2.17, which stands as the record for the daughter of Black Pegasus. In the two‑year‑old pace, The Mailman (Reeves) won the first in 2.19, Princess Abigail (Shively) the second, in 2.181/2. Chuck Vonian (Blackwell) won the 16 pace in 2.10, 2.091/2. Hollyrood Addie, driven by McKay, won the first heat of the 18 trot in 2.11. In the second, Watson Peter (Urquahart) reduced his record from 2.12 to 2.103/4 and paid the following beautiful prices: $79.20 to win, $54.80 to place, $24.40 to show. More good tickets came in the 12 pace when Volo Me (Reeves) won in 2.063/4, 2.071/2, paying $16.20 for the first, $10.20 for the second.

In the first Gladys Potempkin (Rodman) paid $7.60 to show. The betting reached $60,888 for the thirteenth day, as against $37,052 for last year.

Wednesday night all the events were won in straight heats. In the three‑year‑old trot, Hansen won with Manana, by All Belwin and Bessie Logan made the second winner of the evening for Hansen when she‑won the 20 pace in 2.141/2 and 2.15. Harry McKay won the 13 pace with Calumet Fingo in 2.09, 2.093/4. The 10 trot went to Santa Margarita (Reeves) in 2.093/4 and 2.12.

On the fourteenth day, Dr. McElwyn (Taylor) paid $7.80 to win the first heat of the 20 junior trot, in 2.10, a new record. He paid $4.40 to win the second in 2.14. Lady's Aid (Wright) won the 12 trot in 2.063/4, 2.07, the Wright mare paying $9.40 in the first, $4.80 in the final.

The fifteenth day, the patrons were given two divisions of the 17 pace, besides eight running races. In the first division, Black Braden (Reeves) won the first heat, lowering his mark of 2.11 to 2.09, also paid off $21.80, $7.00, $3.40. Sally Creek (Parker) then won the second heat in 2.071/2, to pay $4.00. The second division of the 17 pace had two heat‑winners in Abbe K. (Dutton) and Silver Sign (Argo). The gelded son of Bert Abbe took a record of 2.10 to win the first, paying $11.40, $5.20, $3.60. Billy Van (Sumner) paid $6.20 to place. Silver Sign paid $8.80, $4.00, $2.80 to win the final heat in 2.101/4. The handle for the day was $76,696.

Saturday, the sixteenth day, was the final for wagering, and the running races. A crowd of 15,000 turned out, to try Lady Luck for the last time, until Santa Anita Park opens Christmas Day. The betting for the final day through the machines totaled $113,753. The grand total, rather I should say great, was $986,441 for the 1936 season.

The world's champion double‑gaited stallion, Raider, p, 1.591/2, t, 2.011/2, from Milwaukee, won the 15 trot driven by Harry McKay. Raider, by winning the first heat of the 15 trot in 2.071/2, paid $5.40, the best price for the event.

Rupe Parker with his fast four‑year‑old mare, Orpha, won the 14 pace in 2.04, 2.043/4. Hollyrood Blizzard (Yoder) placed the second mile, paying $16.60 and $8.80 to show.

Sunday was the seventeenth and final day. There were three heat‑winners in the free‑for‑all trot and no fourth heat to prove the victor. Elizabeth Heberling and Peter F. J. each had the same credits. Elizabeth driven by Blackwell won the first in 2.06; Peter F. J. (Dutton) the middle mile in 2.051/2; Santa Margarita (Reeves) the third in 2.06.

The free‑for‑all pace was a hard‑fought affair, with Star Etawah taking the first heat in 2.081/2, Colonel Tom second, after which Hollyway won in 2.031/2 and 2.06. The last half of the second heat was in 1.00.

In the first heat of the 15 trot, Perk Axworth (Vail) and La Mira (Rutherford) came under the wire 1‑2, but both were on a break. The mile—in 2.083/4—went to Calumet

Fearless (Parker). The second time out, La Mira won in 2.10, with the Fearless one placing.

The attendance figures for the seventeen days reached near the 600,000 mark, the figures up to Sunday not including the final day showing 523,450. The sixteen days of last year was 409,518. Saturday's attendance was 38,523, compared with 34,671 for the final Saturday in 1935.


With an attendance of 600,000 and a mutuel handle of $986,000, this year's fair and race meeting at Pomona, California, was by far the most successful in the history of that association.


Raider 2.011/2 (p, 1.591/2), winner of the 2.15 trot at Pomona.Owned by Michael Schneider, Milwaukee, Wis. Harry McKay up.