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Pacific Coast Trotters - 1947

Horsemen Commend Starters' Work

San Mateo, Calif., June 18—Starting Judge Harvey H. ,Hartman of Quakertown, Pa., and his assistant, Dave Hoyer, of Beaver Dam, Wisc., who have charge of the starting here at the Pacific Coast Trotting Association meeting at Bay Meadows, were signaled out today for the highest praise from the horsemen.

Prior to the start of the first race on this afternoon's program !before the horses left the paddock starter Hartman and assistant Hoyer were asked to meet with the drivers. Acting as spokesman for the drivers, Clarence Hansen, the well-known Stockton reinsman, had the following to say: "At a meeting of the drivers and owners racing at our meeting here on Monday afternoon, I was asked to invite you two officials to meet with us for these few minutes here this afternoon. A resolution was adopted at our meeting in which all the horsemen at Bay Meadows want to take this opportunity of thanking you two for the courtesy and treatment that you and the other officials of the meeting have shown to all of us since before the meeting opened in the schooling of horses to the Gilmore Starting Gate. The fact that you both have been willing and anxious to assist all of us has not gone by unnoticed, particularly the fact that every morning the starting gate has been available for each and every one of us from the early morning hours until the last horse was schooled. This :has been of great assistance to all of us, and the starting here has been without a shadow of doubt the best ever seen at a mutuel race meeting, both from the standpoint of the public and the horsemen. You have helped us. and we in turn have been doing our very best to help both of you, the results of which we believe are there for everyone to see, and we hope may be an example for other race meetings to follow."

This resolution adopted by the horsemen at their meeting on Monday and their thoughtfulness in letting their officials know that they appreciate what has been done for them, expresses the general feeling of all those who have been on hand for the Bay Meadows meeting to date. Not all of the starts have been perfect, that is something that is never going to be approached. But the starting, right from the opening day, has been far above the average, so much so that as the horsemen themselves have expressed it, it has been the best they have ever seen. There has been a very marked degree of cooperation between the drivers and the officials, which has resulted in both efficient starting and fewer penalties for any infractions than one generally expects where horses and men are racing for substantial purses and stakes, and where betting is in vogue.

The Gilmore Starting Gate in use here was the invention last year of William G. Gilmore, the popular treasurer of the Pacific Coast Trotting Association. Mr. Gilmore is one of the outstanding horsemen in the West. Owner of one of the leading stables of thoroughbreds that are campaigned at the leading meetings, he is also as strongly interested in harness horses, being a patron of Clarence Hansen. In addition he is one of the outstanding polo players of California, and at all times a strong supporter of any forward movement in the interests of racing and horses.

A copy of the resolution adopted by the horsemen Monday has been forwarded to President Henry Knauff of the United States Trotting Association.

Gilmore Starting Gate

Left to Right: W. G. Gilmore, treasurer of Pacific Coast Trotting Association, and inventor of the Gilmore starting gate; President George Payne, Starter Harvey Hartman, assistant starter, Dave Hoyer, the ones responsible for one of the most successful starting jobs on record.